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Ed Fallon, State Director: Ed is the State Director for Bold Iowa and hosts a weekly radio show called the Fallon Forum Ed got his start working for social change when he organized the Iowa stretch of The Great Peace March in 1986. From 1993 – 2006, Ed served in the Iowa Legislature, representing downtown Des Moines and the surrounding neighborhoods. Ed’s focus as a lawmaker was to champion the needs of constituency groups treated unfairly by government or neglected by the majority of policymakers. Ed worked to give a voice to the voiceless, including family farmers, workers, the poor, minorities, prisoners and the LGBT community. He led the way on several key initiatives, including efforts to address urban sprawl, ending corporate welfare and reforming human services and criminal justice.

Shari Hrdina, Program Coordinator: Shari Hrdina was born and raised on a century-old dairy farm in northeast Iowa. Growing up with farming put her in tune with the Earth, and “being green” was simply the way of life, such as recycling, composting and sustenance gardening. Timing of summer vacations was aligned more with the weather than any other factor. Her father taught her the appreciation of expansive sunsets and starry nights, particularly on hayrides.