Many camping items are needed for the Climate Justice Unity March.

If have any of these items to loan to us for the duration of April 21-29, please contact

Industrial Shelving for the gear truck (already have)
3 Large Coolers for perishable food items
Two-Burner Cook Stove
Smaller Cook Stove
Propane Tanks
Storage Containers with lids for dry goods storage
2 Large Water Coolers (have one)
2 Coffee Makers, 12-cup size at least (have one)
2 Tea Pots that can go on cook stoves
Large Pots and Pans to make soup and oatmeal etc.
Misc. Food Storage
Cooking Utensils: Can Openers, Cutting Boards, etc.
Hose for potable water
2 Large Folding Tables
10’x10′ collapsible canopy tent
4 Tubs to use as dishwash station
Dish Towels, Dish Rags and Sponges
1 Gallon of Biodegradable Dish Soap
1 Gallon of Biodegradable Body Wash (Dr. Bronners)
3 Hand Sanitizers
2 large Garbage Cans with lids (have one)
Paper Goods such as toilet paper, paper towels, cups, plates
Large container of Wood Shavings for composting toilets
Wood, Charcoal, Matches for fire keeping

Food Donations:
Dry Goods, Oatmeal, Coffee, Tea,
Local Produce and other goods such as Meat
Dishes for evening potlucks (main dish, side, dessert). Label if vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free