Clarification: Ed Fallon and “Bold Iowa” Organization Currently Operating in Iowa Not Affiliated with Bold Alliance, Inc.

Bold Alliance cut ties with Fallon in 2017, via a severance agreement permitting his continued use of “Bold Iowa” name

Hastings, NE — Bold Alliance severed ties with Ed Fallon and Bold Iowa in 2017, when our organizations parted ways after the completion of construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline in Iowa.

Fallon was hired by Bold Alliance to be the director of a “Bold Iowa” state chapter of the Bold Alliance, a nonprofit organization that was dissolved in 2017. At that time, Bold Alliance signed a severance agreement with Fallon, the terms of which permitted his continued use of the “Bold Iowa” name because he had filed paperwork with the state of Iowa for the name.

Since that time, disturbing allegations have been made against Fallon, leading the Sierra Club to release a statement on March 26, 2020.

Bold stands with Heather Pearson, who has made public statements about her experiences with Fallon – in some instances, resulting directly from Fallon’s past employment by Bold Alliance.

Bold regrets its past association with Fallon, and despite our 2017 agreement, now calls on Fallon to discontinue using the “Bold Iowa” name, because it is confusing landowners and the public.

Note: Bold Alliance is a nonprofit working to protect the land and water from risky pipelines. Bold Nebraska and the Pipeline Fighters Hub are projects of the Bold Alliance.

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