Clarification: Ed Fallon and “Bold Iowa” Organization Currently Operating in Iowa Not Affiliated with Bold Alliance, Inc.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 11, 2022 Clarification: Ed Fallon and “Bold Iowa” Organization Currently Operating in Iowa Not Affiliated with Bold Alliance, Inc. Bold Alliance cut ties with Fallon in 2017, via a severance agreement permitting his continued use of “Bold Iowa” name Hastings, NE — Bold Alliance severed ties with Ed Fallon and Bold […]
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Note to Bold Iowa Supporters


The Bold Alliance is no longer active as Bold Iowa in the state of Iowa. We are maintaining this website as an archive of work that we’ve supported and accomplished together. Thank you for all of your dedication and Pipeline Fighting spirit! The Bold Alliance Team

Arrestees to Plead “Not Guilty” to Trespassing on Iowa Farmer’s Land Taken by Eminent Domain for Dakota Access

WATCH: Bold Iowa nonviolent action to stop construction on Dakota Access on Iowa farmer Shirley Gerjets’ land on Oct. 29, where eight Water Protectors invited onto Shirley’s land were arrested. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Nov. 9, 2016 Contact: Ed Fallon, Bold Iowa: 515-238-6404, Iowa Woman Arrested Stopping Dakota Access Construction on Iowa Landowner’s Property Taken […]

Iowa Landowners Document Construction Violations by Dakota Access Pipeline

Bold Iowa director Ed Fallon has been meeting with, working with and advocating for landowners living along the Dakota Access pipeline route in Iowa for the past 18 months. Below is some documentation of their stories of construction violations and eminent domain abuse. Join our nonviolent direct actions to stop construction on the pipeline: Sign […]

Spies Validate Our Success

If you spend 20 minutes reading anything this week, let it be this incredible story by The Intercept. In an age when independent investigative journalism is rare and threats against our liberty are growing, this is a must read. The story reveals how a “shadowy international mercenary and security firm known as TigerSwan targeted the movement opposed to the […]

We mobilize unlikely alliances to protect the land and water.

Iowa’s political landscape is dominated by extreme ideas and policies that protect big business and special interests. We need leaders and ideas that instead focus on protecting our families, our land, our water and our liberty. We, the people of Iowa, deserve and demand better. We owe it to our founders and to future generations. We owe it to our fertile fields and life-giving waters.